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Welcome to the L.A County Vintage Postcards & Paper Show, an live event where you can discover a wonderful collection of rare and fascinating collectibles! If you’re a fan of vintage postcards or any kind of paper-related ephemera, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, our 2-day event will offer you the perfect opportunity to add some extraordinary pieces to your collection. To learn more about the show, the vendors that are offering a wide range of one-of-a-kind pieces, and even the world of paper collecting, we invite you to explore our New Website. And if you have questions, please contact us so that we can assist you.

FREE ADMISSION: During the regular show schedule.
THE HOURS: Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM / Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM.
EARLY BIRD ACCESS: Get here early to find the gems!
Early access is on Saturday 8 AM to 10 AM – the entry fee is $25.00
An Amazing Mix Of Postcard & Paper Dealers


Wow! Look Who’s Coming To Dinner

Christine Eslick with Fantastic Disneyana,  Tony Meager, Gary Fredburg,  Mike Fairley, Terry Stroud,   Marty Michaels,  John McWilliams,  Buzz Kinnenmont,  Roger Genser with Some Great Photo and ephemera, Margo Essman, 

Ralph Bowman With 4 New Collection gathered from around the country,   

Jeremy LeRoque,  Jack Eckdom. Lynne Farago, Slade Auctions  From Germany, Doug Wayne will be bringing a lot of new photography items (CDVs, Cabinet Cards, and mounted Photos) along with lots and lots and lots of new Postcards!

Ed Herney From San Francisco – This is my first show in Southern California in five years, and lots of new So. Cal. cards

 Jeff Levy, Bob Quinn,  Trevor Tenney From AZ, Sherry Sonnett, Mike Maslan, Martha Ceja



Showcasing Paper Products Of All Kinds

Whatever your interests are, you will surely find that special “gotta have it” item to add to your collection. Much more than postcards, here are the types of Ephemera you will find at our shows.

  • POSTCARDS Vintage postcards tell a story and so much more.
  • DISNEY Disney offers a world of collectible opportunities.
  • POSTERS Vintage posters are much more wall art; they are historical collectibles.
  • MOVIE MEMORABILIA Hollywoods past comes back to life when collecting movie memorabilia.
  • TRAVEL Travel memorabilia that brings back those wonderful “we were here!” days.
  • STAMPS Are you a stamp collector? Discover a world of postage history.
  • PRINT & MAPS Travel beyond your imagination with collectible prints and maps
  • ADVERTISING Product advertising has always been a popular collectible category
  • PIN UPS Collecting vintage pin-up girls can be a fun and rewarding hobby
  • MAGAZINES Collecting vintage magazines has always been popular because it covers all interests
  • SHEET MUSIC Get ready to follow the Yellow Brick Road down the world of sheet music collecting
  • PHOTOS Collecting photos is among the most popular collectible genres. Picture that!